Our Fleet

Our fleet is comprised of sedans, mini-vans and full-size vans. We have chosen to deploy 2012 and newer vehicles, and we spared no expense to customize and upfit them for safety and comfort. Our wheelchair vans meet ADA requirements and are fitted with the latest safety equipment to transport customers while seated on a wheelchair.

Our full-size vans are fitted for flexibility and capable of transporting a combination of customers who are  ambulatory, wheelchair or on a stretcher.  We provide stretcher transportation for customers who must lay flat during trips.

We track all vehicles using an embedded GPS device, which gives us near real-time information about the vehicle; status, location, speed, etc. We also leverage telematics to monitor and promote defensive driving behavior.

Important things to note while you are riding in one of our vehicles:

  • Because your safety is important to us, it is our policy that all customers must wear seat-belts.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside our vehicles.
  • For comfort, it is okay to ask the driver to adjust the air conditioning or the volume on the radio. If you have a favorite radio station, you can ask the driver to put it on.