Transportation to Routine Doctor Appointments

Whether your routine visit is to your primary care physician or a chiropractor, you can rely on us to transport you and your loved ones safely and get you to appointments on time. We can also assist you to get inside to the reception and get you situated. When you are done, we will come get you from the reception – you don’t have to wait outside. This is an assisted door-through-door transportation service that differentiates us from a taxi or a shared-ride company.

At the time when you schedule your trip, we will offer you three options for the return leg of your trip. You can chose an option from the following based on your preference:

  1. Wait and Return: request that the driver waits with you; our standard hourly wait rate applies in this case.
  2. Scheduled Return: If you know how long your appointment is, you can schedule the return on a set time. However, if we arrive and you are not ready, we will wait for you and our standard hourly wait rate applies.
  3. Will Call: if you don’t want to incur wait charges, call us when you are done and we guarantee a pickup within 60 minutes. We do our best to make it sooner and not have you wait, however sometimes it is beyond our control.

For added flexibility, on our way back home we can stop at the pharmacy and help you pickup your prescription. Our hourly rate may apply for a stop at the pharmacy.

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